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Are you looking for the most creative and effective ads campaign? Are you looking for a platform to send a message to your target audience? Do you want to increase your brand visibility, and position your company on the top shelf? Are you looking to grow your business, or you want to attract your first 1000 ‘buying’ customers? Get in touch with the people that matter the most to you and your company wherever they are and put your best foot forward with our unique and innovative digital media solution that help you to target and convert customersto your offerings through mobile and web adverts ranging from social media ads to website ad banners. Avid readers of our content have an age range of 18-65 years


  1. Branding and positioning
  2. Target

Why you should advertise with us

At we use cutting-edge technology to ascertain, target, and close-in on customers for our clients, we have an avid readership and followership on all social media platforms. We ensure that your message gets to your target demographic wherever they may be in the most creative channels

Ad categories& Options

  • Banner ads& sponsored post.- sidebar.
  • Newspaper / Radio ads

Value added services. “Sponsored Post” that will highlight the advertiser, a “Sponsored Tweet” or “Status Update” on Twitter and Facebook respectively.

We also offer a Reviews of Products or Apps as well as part of our advertising “package.”

Contests and online giveaways


PPC offers many different types of advertisement which can be crafted to suit your advertising needs. Contact us for a free non-obligatory consultation and we’ll take it from there and work you through the process to effective advertisement campaigns with a promise of high conversion rates.Whether it’s with sponsored content, custom ad units, display, lead acquisition or strategic partnerships, we cater to your advertising objectives with data-driven advertising solutions that reach, engage and convert your target audience.

  • COMPETENCE /our professional team of publishers, web & social media ad managers, graphic designers and influencers create superb strategies to help companies advertise products and services to the people that need to see them.
  • INNOVATION / creativity
  • CLIENT service and support.
  • ANALYTICS – data science.


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